Who we are.

Dr. Cathie Klapperich

Cathie has been a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at a large private research university since 2003. Her lab works on making molecular diagnostics more accessible. Other research interests include wearable continuous physiological monitoring and women’s health. Before becoming a faculty member, she worked at a biotechnology startup in the SF Bay area on microfluidic devices for high throughput drug screening. She continues to work on a popular science book about the intersection of medical technology and women’s health.

Skylar Karzhevsky

Skylar graduated from BU with a BS in Biomedical Engineering in May 2020. She is interested in bioengineering for women’s and reproductive health, and reducing gender-based and racial inequalities in healthcare.

Elizabeth Flagg

Elizabeth is a recent graduate of the BU College of Engineering, and she plans to attend medical school in the next few years. She is currently working on a study for brain tumor immunotherapy, and she hopes to leverage her engineering skillset to contribute to future computational and clinical research projects.

Sarita Berigei

Sarita graduated in May 2020 wit her BS in Biomedical Engineering. She is interested in the clinical and customer-facing facets of medical device engineering.

Taylor Schissel

Taylor is a fourth-year biomedical engineering student at Boston University, graduating in May 2022. Next year, She is heading to the University of Michigan as a PhD pre-candidate to pursue my interests in biomedical engineering in reproductive health.

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